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Deflection Testing

Deflection Testing of New PVC Sanitary Sewer

Deflection Testing
Deflection Testing
Williams Testing provides independent deflection testing on new pipes ranging in size from 6" up to 24" in diameter.

Deflection Testing is routinely performed on clean pipes, after the compaction of trench backfill and prior to surface restoration.

The Mandrel, used for the test, must be rigid and equal to 95% (this measurement may vary by Sewer District) of the average diameter of the pipeline being tested. The Deflection Test is performed in accordance to the guidelines of the local and prevailing Sewer Authority and under the inspection of a local Utility Inspector and Engineer.

The Mandrel Deflection Test is conducted by pulling the test device through a completed sewer run, from manhole to manhole. If the Mandrel gets caught in the pipeline and cannot be pulled through the line (manhole to manhole) in one straight pass, the line fails.

Rerounding services are provided by Williams Testing to correct Deflected PVC Pipes.